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    Just a question.

    When you guys hook up with a chick in a nightclub, and she isn't really to your taste - say she's alright, but she ain't that nice - you don't really fancy her too much, but you wanna fuck something; do you have any problem getting your end away with her??

    As in, assuming your capable of achieving and sustaining, can you blow you load, despite the fact that you don't really fancy her or find her that attractive.

    And if the bitch knows your not really into her, how do your find her attitude is toward you??
    As in, is she nice, or a little bit bitch??

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    I tend to cum in my pants when she's getting undressed but then carry on and give her a pounding, the problem with this is that it takes an age for me to cum again while she cums multiple times, it's a problem that is quite annoying for me but women think I'm fucking ace in bed.

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    Ive never been able to get a girl back to mine so i cant comment.......I've got a rape plan in place thou tryied it out on my cousin it seemed to work so it's only a matter of time before i start scoring some arse/family
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