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Thread: calling it a day

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    sorry to hear that mate!
    from service ive had from your store you don't need to concentrate on that anymore than you do as it's always great.
    would you every do something maybe a bit easier on the knee? boxing or something? or it your true love karate?

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    hi mate, ive been involved in kickboxing and karate for 32 years. and 2 years ago i had to have a hip replacement, now i cycle instead of running. do ground drills instead of rolling, dont kick anymore just work my hands, and do the weights a bit.i used to love competing and fought both am and pro. yea i miss it mate but take it easy adapt your training and keep teaching the kids. you can give loads back to the game.

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    I was involved in kickboxing and RBSD for 15 years, and for the last few years was doing a bit of coaching, including kids.
    As everyone who trains knows, attendances fluctuate but 2009 was terrible start to finish and the club often didn't break even month to month.

    I decided to fold the club in January and looked into going back in at ground level, and taking up BJJ (pun intended). I had been nursing injuries to both knees, an ankle, a wrist, my back and most worryingly my left thumb joint, which was maikng it painful to play guitar, the one activity I loved even more than training.

    After 3 months my major injuries had started to ease and I was enjoying the break more than i though I would. Six months on, my injuries seem to have stopped healing at about 80% and it turns out, I don't miss training at all.

    As I rattle through my 30's my body just doesn't fix itself like it used to.

    I play more guitar, more poker and have more time for the family, so quitting training was a great move for me. I still get the pads out for my son (who's only 5, but start them young I say)

    I'd say, have 6 months off and see how you feel. If you miss it, go back to training. If not, do something else.

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    Been in the same boat, I been doing kyokushin for almost 25 years my knees where cooked and then I had a car crash which made it even worse! I took some time out and decided to go back and start teaching kids and a full contact adult class, I lasted about a year before it got to me and I was burning out. In the end early this year I made the hardest decision and decided to take a total brake from it.

    I look back and still wish I was doing it but looking forward to the bigger picture I had to walk away and accept I had a good run. I still do some (well used) private work with the police and young offenders and thats it.

    Keep your self sharp and just work on hand speed, I been trying a few softer arts like goshinkwai which has a little less impact on my knees stay in the game just dont walk away yet

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    I've always been more of a dabbler than a dedicated martial artist but I decided to throw in the towel a couple of years ago after aggrevating an old injury.

    I could have gone on at least a bit longer but I realised that if I did do any further damage to my leg, even going for a walk could be a challenge when I get older. Thus, I took the view that "discretion is the better part of valour"

    As someone else said, the shop will keep you in touch and you may be able to pick and choose from what some of your customers have to offer to keep your hand in.

    If all else fails there is always tai chi ( but I don't mean the kind of tai chi taught by people who don't seem to know anything about its martial dimensions)
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    Quote Originally Posted by C.K.A.Martial Arts View Post
    I have been involved with Karate for over 25 years ( full contact not the crap done now a days ) any way I have had to have major knee surgery last year and have been told that I cant roll, do heavy stand up - fuck I cant even go jogging.

    the problem is the damage I did to my knee area - the doc said if i go back to what i did then its game over 15,000 operation and off my feet for 6 months.

    I am currently only doing kids classes so to reduce the risk but to be honest I am getting sick of teaching a bunch of brats who have parents that dont give a shit about anything other than their kid being the next karate kid.

    I told the wife that i wanted to call it a day and she thinks that i might miss it to much.

    so my question - do I carry on teaching kids and just put up with the shit or call it a day and concentrate on my shop and accept the fact that i have had a great 25 years.

    opinions please
    I'd agree with the others who say give it a couple of months and see if you're missing it.

    Your wife might be the one who knows best though, you could miss it. If so you could concentrate on boxing. My knees aren't great and I had a six month break where I did nothing but box recently. I've really enjoyed rolling and kicking again in the last few weeks but honestly the boxing still scratched my training itch pretty well. There so much to learn, I've been boxing four years now and I don't even feel like I'm scratching the surfice.

    I kinda look at boxing as my stand by, I know I won't be able to roll/kick for that much longer but I'll hopeully always be able to box, its so much easier on the knees

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    bah, i thought you were going to stop posting, which would have been a dark day for CW.

    good luck with the injury - you know the best way to proceed.
    'Go read a fucking book, you piece of shit.'

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    cheers guys ~ its great advice and some very nice feedback. I will close my current classes and do something different for a bit and then if I can get my leg to some sort of standard then go back to a class were I can train.

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    If you cant train someone up to the standard you require to keep your class open to the age groups you want or have no one there to help you demo fully then I would say maybe it is time to step back a bit.

    After all if your not enjoying it then really it might be the best thing to lay off it for a few months, Maybe go on a long holiday with the wife to take a step back from everything, after a month or so away from the "real " world come back with hopefully a new outlook on it all.

    Then maybe it would be a good idea to start a smaller class where you can get some dedicated individuals up to the standard you want to carry the school forward.

    After all no matter who we are nothing stops us getting on in years. Sorry to hear about the knee.

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