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Thread: The Smell of BBQ's

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShaolinSubz02 View Post
    You could always collect all the neighbours BBQ in one swift move. First buy a large black dildo. 2nd, wear flip flops, medallion on chain and a fake biggles tash, get a copy of Wagner from the soundtrack of Apocalypse Now and place speakers in garden, then do the following:

    throw dlido over garden fence, wait for silence, arouse oneself and jump fense to the sound of Wagner holding your semi and making spitfire attacking noises. Once garden is vacant take the food, bbq and beers back next door
    Bwhahahahahahah! I just shit!!!! Fucking classic

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    Haha some awesome advice! I am currently looking for a garden, allotment seems to be the cheaper alternative and I think a great place to hold a BBQ. Fridges are for sissys, BBQs are for real men!

    The only thing I needed to complete shoalins advice was a Biggles tash!

    Oh, grill sucked! Just not the same!

    Oh and on a serious and very real note, I want for a piss and I heard the neighbour shout up at me
    "oi naked bloke, don't be shy, give us a wiggle!"

    If only he knew........
    I don't believe in belts. There should be no ranking system for toughness.

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