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Thread: CHOKE (Rickson Gracie Documentary)/Gerard Gordeau

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    Default CHOKE (Rickson Gracie Documentary)/Gerard Gordeau

    Apologies if this is old news/common knowledge but Iíve just watched the Rickson Gracie documentary, "Choke", for the first time. It's basically a documentary that followed him around in the lead up to Vale Tudo Japan 1995. Firstly it was a pretty cool watch so if anyone wants to check it out >>>

    Secondly, does anyone know if there were any repercussions for Gerard Gordeau after the Nakai fight? As is evident in the video he is clearly eye gouging Nakai for about 5 minutes and I read that Nakai lost sight in his eye as a result of the injuries sustained in the fight. But did anything actually happen to Gordeau? According to Sherdog etc he never competed again, but was this through choice or was he banned? Surely Nakai could have taken some form of legal action against him for permanently blinding him in one eye?! Just curious about the whole situation really as I was totally unaware this had ever happened.

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    Not sure about your last question but Choke is definitely something every fighter/fighting fan should watch. Rickson's whole philosophy on fighting is top notch

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    Nothing happened to Gerard Gordeau.

    He has got his own MMA- school in the hague in Holland called Kamakura. They teach karate, muay thai and wrestling there. He is also a co founder of shooto holland along with martijn de Jong who fights for golden glory.

    here was a segment about Nakao on a swedish martial arts show called "rallarsving", and a good article on sherdog which I cant find

    Nakai is the instructer for both Iminari and Aoki andbecame very powerful in Shooto becuaseofhisrefusal to bring thesport into disrepute and prosecute either Vale Tudo Japan or Gordou for the eye gouge that caused his blindness

    the guy is a true legend,much more so then many so called legends in the US
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    Flow with the Go.

    Awesome documentary, used to watch it every day after school along with UFC 1-5.

    The american guy Todd? and his coach are like the bad guys from karate kid.

    So many epic quotes from that doc i.e. "they sewed pillows onto the gloves"

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    Choke was a great documentary. Used to watch it loads.

    Todd Hays actually went on to win a silver medal at the Olympic after Choke. Good for him. His coach was a complete knob.

    There is another good MMA documentary called Rites of Passage by Bobby Razak. Its on amazon for £6ish.

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    Can't believe Nakai just let the whole eye gouging incident fly under the radar. To fight on and beat Gordeau, then win his semi-final bout before losing in the final is unbelievable!! I know he coaches Aoki & Imanari now so at least his lack of sight hasn't completely ruined his life. I think I read somewhere it was actually Nakai who awarded Aoki his BB. Was Nakai the first Japanese BJJ blackbelt ?

    That's cool about Todd Hays. Wasn't sure just how genuine his injury was or whether or not he was happy getting his showing up fee/win bonus for the first round. Don't think he fancied facing Rickson to be honest. I agree his coach was a bit of a bell end. Did Hays ever fight again?

    Regardless, how Gordeau was never reprimanded for his actions in 1995 is pretty crazy.

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    todd hays went on to win silver at the salt lake olympics in the bobsleigh.

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    the Story is that Nakai kept quiet because he felt any repercusions about brutality and excessive violence would stop the sport from growing or get it banned. That's honour for you!

    What would you do for MMA?

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    Quote Originally Posted by simonmobiledisco View Post
    the Story is that Nakai kept quiet because he felt any repercusions about brutality and excessive violence would stop the sport from growing or get it banned. That's honour for you!

    What would you do for MMA?
    That's always impressed me about him; what an incredible character to do that

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    i felt sorry for the japanese guy who lost and was balling his eyes out back stage. Im gonna watch it tomo now it seen it in years
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