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    That's right.

    How necessary is it to fock. What happens if man does not fock, or does not fock sufficiently.

    Our female english teacher at school told us it's a biological requisite of the male to fock (although, not in them words exactly).

    I mean, if you think about it, look at the ends men go to just as a means to fock.
    Spending their hard earned cash, which could be spent on fuck knows what else - cars, beer, food and assorted luxuries.

    But they spend it on chicks. Wining and dining them, buying them shit so they can get in their pants - hiring hookers, as I do.

    So, I think God made man with the obligation to fock, and if he doesn't fullfill that obligation in some way or other - he gets fucked - by going crazy.. right?

    I mean, there's very little excuse these days, given internet dating, easy girls, places like thailand and amsterdam.

    So anyway, back to the question.
    How necessary do you feel is focking, and what is the detriment of not doing it, or not doing it enough?

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    Human Nature. If we didnt. we would die.
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    Were here for two things.

    1. Survive

    2. Replicate

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nenki View Post
    Were here for two things.

    1. Survive

    2. Replicate
    I thought it was like

    1. Contribute to humanity

    2. Replicate

    So if we fail to do one or both of these - bad shit happens, in other words.. ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by paddylast View Post
    I thought it was like

    1. Contribute to humanity

    2. Replicate

    So if we fail to do one or both of these - bad shit happens, in other words.. ?
    Contribute to humanity? How so? Cure cancer, solve world poverty, end all wars? Fuck all that your survival comes first and in some cases at the expense of humanity. If you cant survive you cant replicate. If you cant replicate then your genes get unapologetically weeded out of existence. All IMO anyway.

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    How does one FOCK? ME

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    the world revolves around sex. id say its pretty fucking important lol.

    think about everyday life, it's all about sex. birds get done up a certain way to look good, why? people go out clubbing often hoping to be going home with someone that night, we;re taught as kids you grow up and meet a partner get married have kids, tv/adverts use sex appeal, most female music videos involve barely any clothes, the porn industry is one of the biggest in the world, the main thing most people think about is sex and why not, its fucking quality.
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    Well, contributing to humanity doesn't necessarily have to be huge.
    Different for different people.

    Might be going out and laying some bricks, designing something, as a fighter - entertaining and inspiring people.

    If you don't contribute in some way - whatever that is - then you get bored and shit like that - and that motivates us to contribute.

    Same if you don't fock often enough. You get agitated and all sorts of shit happens.

    So they're the two thingys.

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