That's right.

How necessary is it to fock. What happens if man does not fock, or does not fock sufficiently.

Our female english teacher at school told us it's a biological requisite of the male to fock (although, not in them words exactly).

I mean, if you think about it, look at the ends men go to just as a means to fock.
Spending their hard earned cash, which could be spent on fuck knows what else - cars, beer, food and assorted luxuries.

But they spend it on chicks. Wining and dining them, buying them shit so they can get in their pants - hiring hookers, as I do.

So, I think God made man with the obligation to fock, and if he doesn't fullfill that obligation in some way or other - he gets fucked - by going crazy.. right?

I mean, there's very little excuse these days, given internet dating, easy girls, places like thailand and amsterdam.

So anyway, back to the question.
How necessary do you feel is focking, and what is the detriment of not doing it, or not doing it enough?