getting over a bad injury im looking to drop a fair bit of weight/fat as i slowly get back into training then once back training and slimmer i want to then improve strength and conditioning.

lately ive tended to eat around 1,500 calories a day of good food, i know that's quite low but given my lack of physical activity im dubious to go much over that (i don't starve myself though).

my main problem is not knowing too much detail about foods i.e. the good protein/carbs/the right balance etc, so im concerned i may be doing it wrong in the long run, restricting myself to 1,500 calories i could be missing out on certain carbs/proteins etc that could hamper my weight loss/fitness boost in the overall term.
at the moment the diet consists mainly of salads, healthy sandwiches, soups, meat/veg, pasta, cereal, fruit, veg, stews etc.

my main focus has been soley on containing calories and fat, as i dont know enough about getting the right amount of proteins/carbs etc so never bother counting or checking them, could this be a problem? not knowing enough about nutrition and what would be ideal to achieve my goals i why i need the help.
any diet/nutrition even workout advice for losing the fat and eventually building up muscle/strength/conditioning as i slowly get back into training would be greatly appreciated.