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Thread: Dragons Den. Open For Business.

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    rotfl but i think you should take the kids pic off.

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    mod edit: picture removed, don't post pictures of other peoples kids in an insult.

    Certainly Duncan.

    Well after the first 2 shows I've wasted my kids inheritance and couldn't afford to put another one on.

    I've invested 60k in 2 shows and have made a net loss of 60k.

    I'm now looking for an investor with very deep pockets and a very small brain.[/QUOTE]

    Hi Travis. I'm Deborah. You can call me the miserable old bag if you like.

    I hate men and inparticular I hate men who waste money that could be spent on better things like their family.

    So you have no clue about your chosen field, have lost all your money and from what I can gather have alienated a lot of seriously respected figures in the sport of MMA.

    I've heard enough and not going to invest in an absolute buffoon like you.

    I'M OUT

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    Publishing a picture of someone's kid, on the internet, is incredibly dumb, no matter how amusing the rest of this thread was.

    So, so dumb.
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    Quote Originally Posted by taffdragon View Post
    rotfl but i think you should take the kids pic off.
    God says "You reap what you sow"
    God is sponsered by For real.

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    Oh dear. Looks like you have upset some Dragons.
    I'm no gynecologist but I know a cunt when I see one.

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    Lol.. and whats exactly bad about a kids pic?

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    Erm... LOL!!!! Cracking troll

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    Hallo peeps. Me is Theo and whens I isa not in the kebab shops I is investing in peoples.

    Travis peep. I isa no likey your idea.

    Ifa I sells the kebabs like yous sell the tickets we all be drowning in elephants feets.

    You is a no goodie business man and yous have a shitty shows.

    Also I hear from a yous wifey that she is off with some other blokeys.

    I'M A OUT
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    What is the relevance of the pic above with the tapout guys?

    Funny thread though

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    Quote Originally Posted by boxingbrit View Post
    What is the relevance of the pic above with the tapout guys?

    Funny thread though
    Looks like the same bird that was in an earlier pic, must be his missus

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