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Thread: Why do chicks find danger attractive?

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    Default Why do chicks find danger attractive?

    I think it's fair to say that chicks like danger - like, they always go for the bad guy first, despite the fact that they're always banging on about wanting a sweet sensitive guy - which maybe true also; they want a sweet sensitive bad guy..?

    But anywyay, it's also fair to say they like danger it cause it's exciting.

    But what's exciting about it?

    Say mma fighters - they get chicks cause I suppose they got that dangerous aura or appeal about them - stemming from their confidence I guess, which they get from knowing they can do I guess, dangerous shit.

    But what's exciting about that?
    It's not like the chicks want the guy to beat on them or something, is it?

    I reckon, it's cause they like the fact that to be seen with or be around this dangerous person - it intimidates others in a sense, and that's a powerful thing in a way, right?

    You know if others are intimidated by you, they show you respect in sense - and again, that's power.
    So that's my opinion.
    What do you reckon?

    Edit: So maybe it's power they're really attracted to, but danger is power (as above).
    Same with like, money, position etc - the power - and power is exciting.
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    God created all elephants equal
    God is sponsered by For real.

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    The only thing birds know is that they want a shit tonne of dick in them. With regards to anything else, they NORMALLY don't have a clue.

    P.S. Women as a general rule, want what other women have, hence the way they battle each other so often and hate any woman who does/has something better than they have, even if they've never met. This isn't to take away from their intelligence in any way. Women are often VERY intelligent, but that undercurrent if craving power in their personalities rarely seems to diminish with that intelligence in my experience.
    Interesting social study, women are.
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    They're stupid

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