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Thread: Toney Vs Randy and the Brock?

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    Default Toney Vs Randy and then Brock?


    "Current heavyweight boxing titleholder and two-time Ring Magazine Fighter of the Year James “Lights Out” Toney makes his mixed martial arts debut in Boston against UFC legend Randy “The Natural” Couture on Aug. 28.

    Toney has held boxing titles in every weight class ranging from middleweight to heavyweight. He’s the first elite-level boxer to make the move to mixed martial arts competition.

    Toney doesn’t just have his sights set on Couture, he wants to be the first fighter to hold major titles in mixed martial arts and boxing.

    He wants to fight Brock Lesnar next... in fact he wanted to fight Lesnar first.

    “I couldn’t come in the UFC and fight a bum, or a tune up fight. I have to fight the best. I am the best. I wanted to fight Brock Lesnar, but unfortunately at the time he was sick,” Toney told MMAWeekly Radio.

    “I will be boxing and UFC champion at the same time,” proclaimed the boxer. “I’m officially a two-sport athlete.

    “After I knock out Randy Couture, I’m coming for Brock’s bitch ass next.”

    Toney’s out to prove he’s the best fighter, not boxer or mixed martial artist, but best fighter on the planet. He has a tall order going up against Couture at UFC 118."

    Just a couple of questions.

    Is Toney only doing this for the $$$$ or does he really want to have an impact on the sport?

    Does he stand a chance against Randy?
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    i reckon, in his own head, he thinks he can bang out anyone in the ufc, he sees them as having poor striking compared to elite level boxers, and he thinks he can catch them if they shoot in on him

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    For the love of god, I hope Randy doesn't go crazy and try and stand up with him

    He wouldn't would he ?

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    He was a great counter boxer, however those days are long gone. obviously if someone just stands in front of him he'd have a "puncher's chance"

    However Randy isn't gong to make the mistake of Big Timmy vs. Mercer, a quick shoot or clinch & Toney is going to be in a whole new world.

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    i can see Toney getting viciously KO'd in this

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    Randy will bum rush him, push him up against the cage, body lock and put him on his back, mount immediately and reign down hell.

    Stoppage within 2 mins

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    I think Randy's gona get KO'd. As much as I like Randy he's gettin' on a bit now and Toney got da stand up, you get me.

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    He’s the first elite-level boxer to make the move to mixed martial arts competition.
    Ray Mercer?

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    its randys fight to loose,don't get into a standup,cage his butt and show him some roman.he wont be back after that

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