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Thread: Who is the Scarecrow!?!

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    Default Who is the Scarecrow!?!

    Apparently there is a fighter from Milton Keynes fighting Mark Hominick at ASTRA in Japan...

    He's called the 'Scarecrow' with a 2-1 semi-pro record? Anyone know anything about him?

    Look at this video, I hope for his sake this is a joke....

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    Youtube is down!!

    Once it's back up it's worth a watch especially if you like a good laugh....

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    i saw this and instantly had to register, i cannot actually believe this !!!!
    it cant be true........ by wats with the vid???? i have trained with mike before and what i can say is he cant fight but has balls of steel !!!

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    at least he gets in there and gives it a go
    "The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war"

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    its working again.

    surely a 2-1 semi pro isnt going to fight an 18-8 pro who fought on Affliction, UFC and WEC cards?

    he is also undefeated in the UFC lol

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    that video is fookin EPIC !!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by londonpride View Post
    at least he gets in there and gives it a go
    It's all well and good giving it a go but why make a fake video up saying you're fighting in ASTRA.....pretty sure he isn't going to be on the show as he has had no pro fights??

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    I train with Mike, he's a good guy but there is no way he will be going to Japan!

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    I think this is the guy here. Maybe he's havin' a bit of a wind up, who knows.

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