A couple of the guys from my gym have headed over to the U.S to train and Matt Hughes H.I.T Squad.

Chris Fensom is reporting back to us with a blog.


If your thinking of going anytime soon, read up on what to expect.


On arrival at the gym I was shown to the room I was to share with Mike. The rooms are old army barracks so are fairly basic and still contained all the possessions of the previous tenant. (I assume he was thrown out) so I had to spend the first couple of hours clearing out all of his stuff. The rooms consist of two beds, a sink, a chest of drawers, a shower and a toilet and it would be no exaggeration to say I have seen more equipped prison cells! But in a strange way the sparseness of the room adds to the feeling that you are there to train and not to enjoy yourself.

The first day

Training starts at 9.30am and is a conditioning session with Matt Hughes. My nerves were not helped when Cortez “Hollywood” Coleman (pro MMA fighter) warned us that if we didn’t complete the reps on any exercise then the whole class would have to repeat it. The session started with a light warm up of forward rolls and I was feeling quite comfortable until Hughes shouted 20 chin ups! (previous to this I was unaware that I could even do twenty chin ups!) The session continued and by the end we had done 100+ chin ups as well as various other exercises.