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Thread: Tickets on sale for Kudegra Scotland vs England

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    Default Tickets on sale for Kudegra Scotland vs England

    go to

    via credit card online - pay via paypal - call the ticket hotline 0191 4157488

    Kudegra Championship Fighting
    Saturday 18th September. Meadowbank Arena, Edinburgh.

    Dave Lee 8 - 6 ENGLAND vs Graham Turner 15 - 5 -1 SCOTLAND at featherweight
    Dave Lee, a UFC veteran taking on the Scottish belt holder Graham Turner.
    Andy Farrell ENGLAND 2 - 1 vs Alan Love 7 - 1 SCOTLAND at middleweight
    Andy Farrell BJJ expert taking on Alan Love, Scotlands top middleweight
    Alex Enlund 4 - 0 ENGLAND vs John Cullen 10 - 3 SCOTLAND at featherweight
    The North East's very own Alex Enlund takes on Super Scot John Cullen.
    Aaron Blackwell 7 - 8 ENGLAND vs Paul Reed 12 - 5 SCOTLAND at featherweight
    Aaron is a martial arts star. Fantastic grappler vs the explosive power of Scotlands dynamite, Paul Reed.
    Paul Cook 10 - 1 ENGLAND vs James Mair 8 - 4 SCOTLAND at welterweight
    Both guys hold UK title belts, but who is the best between Scotland and England?
    Chris Holmes Debut ENGLAND vs Andy Hillhouse 1 - 4 SCOTLAND at heavyweight
    Gonna be a brawl with this the only heavyweight bout on the card.
    Ian Malone 2 - 1 ENGLAND vs Aldo Waugh 0 - 2 SCOTLAND at flyweight
    Malone is a BJJ brown belt and Aldo Waugh is a fearless striker. Classic grappler vs striker bout.
    Nathan Thompson 4 - 4 ENGLAND vs Rob McCrum 2 - 1 SCOTLAND at bantamweight
    Both guys looking to impress the crowds. No one wants to lose this one.
    Chris Scott 2 - 1 ENGLAND vs Frank Bell 0 - 2 SCOTLAND at middleweight
    Frank Bell looking to get his first win in his home country of Scotland.
    Matthew Earnshaw 0 - 1 ENGLAND vs Steve Ray 1 - 0 SCOTLAND at welterweight
    Steve Ray making his pro debut. Has an unbeaten semi pro record of 7-0
    Will Brookes 3 - 3 ENGLAND vs Joe Nuget 5 - 5 SCOTLAND at welterweight
    Ground n Pound fighter Will Brookes takes on a seasoned fighter of Scotland Joe Nugent
    Oobbie Ramand 1 - 0 ENGLAND vs Keiran Mcbride 0 - 1 SCOTLAND at bantamweight
    Will the aggressive stand up fighter Oobbie have what it takes for the Glasgow warrior Keiran McBride
    Kudegra Championship Fighting -

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    web site has seat selection.

    Click buy tickets. Go to on line seating diagram and choose which seat you would like.

    Thank you.
    Kudegra Championship Fighting -

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    to the top
    section 18
    Paul DeathWish Hartley
    3 and 4 pro flyweght

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    good card. who is Paul Cook's loss to? i thought he was unbeaten

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    Gonna be a pleasure and honour to fight on kudegra 3!

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    Quote Originally Posted by face 4 the cage View Post
    good card. who is Paul Cook's loss to? i thought he was unbeaten
    Paul Cook lost to Scott Ward from the DNFT in his last fight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by face 4 the cage View Post
    good card. who is Paul Cook's loss to? i thought he was unbeaten
    Scott Ward. DNFT
    Rob McCrum, Pro BW.

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    Immpressive that at only 21, Graeme turner has more Pro wins than Dave Lee's had actual fights!

    Thats a scary thought. There cant be many more guys at that age with such a record kicking about!

    Cant wait till this show, hope its not the last scotland v England either, as each country has many more fighters who could go toe to toe.

    would love to see

    Doolan v Leigh
    Quinn v Mills
    Cullen v Grimshaw
    Ward v Inman
    McVitie v Anyone (gauruntee'd a riot regardless)

    And many more

    Great show, good luck with ticket sales guys!
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    Scotland ftw

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