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Thread: become a black belt in 6 months

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    Default become a black belt in 6 months

    take a look at the link below guys n gals:

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    Wow, I can save 3 grand if I pay 10 grand now.. where do I sign up!?

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    saying you can turn someone from "fat to fit" then posting a picture of a very large woman receiving a black belt doesn't really convince me lol

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    i think we should start contacting him!! where is the forum police ?

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    Anyone fancy getting financially fucked by a man in a suit? Leave em your number

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    "I will turn you from Couch Potato' to 'Hot Potato". Well that's me sold. To hell with this Cagefightin' lark, I wanna be an executive black belt, where do I sign up.

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    "I guarantee to turn you into a Black Belt or I will refund your entire investment"

    Chances this guarantee is solid gold because he is the one doing the gradings?

    I will get you black belt in 2-3 days for less than a tenner.

    Will be just as worth it.

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    A black belt in 6 months, sign me up. this guy sounds legit!

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    hilarious! black belt in what by the way? i should really consider doing this instead of the next 2599 BJJ sessions at my gym. No way i'll be black or even fkn purple by then!!

    Bullshit I can't hear you. Sound off like you got a pair!

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    Hahahaha! somebody needs an "executive phonecall" from this guy, and to record it.
    How you expect to run with the wolves come night when you spend all day sparring with the puppies

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