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Thread: Do you ever feel ashamed of where your from?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wiegieboard View Post
    I'm from the U.K. Of course I'm ashamed
    brits have more things to be proud of than any other nation.
    "The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war"

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    Quote Originally Posted by londonpride View Post
    brits have more things to be proud of than any other nation.
    the wiege says .... "Don't much consider myself British. I'm from Scotland. The place is beautiful, the people, not so much. There are many places over the U.K. that I find outstanding and breathtaking but I don't see how I should feel proud of it because I never created or made it, I just happen to live near there.There are many fantastic places on the Earth, so I should be just as proud to live on the same rock as I am to be from anyplace else.
    I don't see how can I be proud of a piece of land that I in no way, shape or form own or possess, or ever will for that matter. British law doesn't even allow anyone to live outwith societies normal rules of buying an extortionate house and working yourself to the grave paying for it. We're barely allowed to use "wilderness" to catch food, cook or even shelter. These three things are the bare necessities for survival in this climate and land. I'm ashamed that I exist within a system such as this. VERY ashamed. Basically, Britain doesn't allow me to live the life I'd otherwise be leading, even though it would effect no one in any way. This is why I have no pride in my nationality.I'm shoehorned into a lifestyle which I'm forced to live. I'd LOVE to be a "Freeman of the land" much like can be done in Canada."
    wax on wax off

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    I agree being from the UK these days seems a bit embarrassing, football hooligans, chavs, etc, etc but I think we do have a lot to be proud of. Britain was basically at the forefront of the modern age, British inventors, scientists and engineers have invented, and are still inventing a ridiculous amount of things, we have some of the best universities in the world, one of best cities in the world in London, we have given the world some of the best authors, playwrights, musicians, athletes, artists, etc. People come from all over the world to Britain, because we have a trusted reputation of excellence and high standards. Of course we all moan about the buses being late, but that's because we expect them to be on time, every time. We are a pretty demanding people, which is why we have achieved so much for such a small country. We punch way above our weight in international terms. Why do you think shitloads of immigrants want to come to our country and not any of the others? We must be doing something right, if instead of staying put in France they're willing to cling on to the bottom of a lorry to come here.

    That's not all bullshit, it's true, so cheer up you miserable bastards. Oh, our food is pretty shit I'll give you that.

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    No, the irony is i love the place from which i hail from

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