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    Have you got someone in your gym who you train with who you wonder why they don't fight? I had a conversation with a couple of guys from the gym today who named a couple of people as guys who could do well in competition but are at a loss as to why they dont fight? I'm talking about people who have NEVER fought. Not guys who fought a couple a few years ago and have since not fought. Guys who have NEVER fought MMA or stand up.

    I'm naming Fighters Only Magazine web editor, John Joe O'Regan here. The little scumbag has sweet boxing for MMA and can pick off some decent Semi Pro guys and has a under-rated jits game too. He gives blue belt trouble alot of the time and has pretty decent wrestling. If he stopped eating kebabs and drinking home brew ale, he'd do well at Semi Pro Heavyweight.

    That's enough of paying him compliments.

    Name your mate!
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