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Thread: How many pints before you're wasted?

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    Default How many pints before you're wasted?

    I'm taking girls beer, 4% like carlsberg, fosters, carling, amstel, becks vier etc - how many pints before you are falling about, completely pissed up?
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    I am not a big beer drinking i'd say 9 or 10

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    Girls beer doesn't get me drunk. I'll drink Fosters till it comes out my ears and can still hold myself upright. I've had 16+ pints before and not fallen over.

    However Stella is different. 9-10 pints of Stella and I'm calling for Ruth down the big white telephone.
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    Oh. And I fucking love boobies. Especially after 10 stellas.
    I'm no gynecologist but I know a cunt when I see one.

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    If it's Becks Vier then I'm somehow able to drink it all day and night and not feel pissed at all. Really strange.

    However, if it's owt else then it depends on the mood of the day/night. If I'm sat in a pub with my mates from back home then we can sit and do 15+ pints and be happy enough, but if it's a night out then I'm generally done for after 8ish!!

    Dont generally drink pints on a night out though, got spiked once and dont trust ANY fucker now so just drink bottles or shorts.

    Oh yeah, I love boobies!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Shanks View Post
    I am not a big beer drinking i'd say 9 or 10
    Same 'ere ked.

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    I can't drink "Beer" makes me wanna puke.

    It takes about 6 cans of Magners then I'm destroyed lol don't drink often!

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    I'm on my 5th now so i'l let you know.

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    usualy 6-7 for me,then im drunk - but gain the abilty to drink hideous amounts with almost no effort, but im not one of those people who sees it as "how many can you drink before your drunk"

    Im a "how much can u drink before you die" kinda type.
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    It depends how much I've eaten and how tired I am but mostly over 10, if you were talking stella though then you're looking at about 7 before I'm possessed.

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