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    2 4.76%
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    3 7.14%
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    8 19.05%
  • 7-8

    11 26.19%
  • 9-10

    4 9.52%
  • Over 10 plus shots

    8 19.05%
  • Only like boobs

    6 14.29%
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Thread: How many pints before you're wasted?

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    5-6 not a big drinker, lightweight haha

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    depends what ive ate. but im not a big lager drinker. 8 pints and im well served. im usually so gassy after that i couldnt stomach more lager.
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    I'm a lightweight; I'll be drunk at about 5 beers, but I don't get wasted til about 7, after that I can keep drinking and I don't get any drunker, until I touch the spirits...

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    10's usually my limit.. depends on how fast I drink though

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    I can drink normal 4 OR 5 % beer all day and night

    I did recently find a top beer for partys/a few beers with the lads in the house

    king cobra... 8%... 750ml, 6 units per bottle, with it being the same size as 2 or 3 normal bottles, or a tin an a half, it lasts ageeeeeeeeees as well

    3 or 4 of these bad boys and your a mess!

    and i love booooooooooooooooobies!
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    God only drinks ambrosia and honey but God loves massive boobies.
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    I seem to get drunk far easyer these days and the hangovers last even longer....

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    My record was roughly 12 pints and I could still walk with concentration, speech was getting blurred, though. If I down a few shots with it, I get wasted a lot faster.

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    This thread will get 100% truthful answers, guaranteed

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    Quote Originally Posted by God of CW View Post
    God only drinks ambrosia and honey but God loves massive boobies.
    Nice. I have this fantasy.... gonna post in your thread see if its there waiting for me in heaven

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