Wow, thanks for all the responses!!

A lot of very good and supportive advice here, so glad I joined I was just feeling rotten yesterday when it happened again, I just gave up for no reason and I just felt heavy, low and like all the energy and life had been zapped out of me.

I'll have an ask around to see if I can find a training buddy local to me then hopefully with someone else there I'll keep going!

Thanks again for all the advice, it's been taken on board and I'm determined that when I get home tonight I WILL finish my workout!!!

I've written up a mini workout plan to take it easy to start off with and I am going to make sure I achieve every small goal (they are small, believe me) But as you guys said it all helps and then I can build on it.

I just want to thank you all again for such positive encouragement - you've made my day!