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Thread: How important to a woman is the big O

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    Default How important to a woman is the big O

    The big orgasm.

    How important is this to chicks.

    Some guys claim that chicks have fell in love with them after they make em hit the big O.

    How often can you make your chick hit the big O.

    It's funny - males can orgasm every time, but they can only fock, like, maybe once every hour or so.
    Females can fock time after time after time (hookers) - can they orgasm every time?
    Is that possible - if the bloke is hitting it right?

    Arguably the most important thing to a chick is if you can make her hit the big O - it's biological.
    They say they want affection blah blah, but fact of the matter is, they want to hit the big O more than men, and men want affection more than focking - but the ice queens refuse to give that unless the bloke can make her hit the big O.
    Quid pro quo.


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    why do you say fock?
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    who says dudes only "fock" once an hour im good to go straight after again!
    wax on wax off

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    So in summery your shit in the sack.
    Not something I would be telling everyone about but at least you can address the problem now you are aware of it.

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    What's an orgasm?

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    focking doesn't sound very effective if the bird can't expect an orgasm.

    think i'll stick to fucking.
    "The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war"

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    Chauvinistic answer would be,of course-who cares?

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    Women can't orgasm, don't be ridiculous.

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    wtf is this shit

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    Still laughing at 'focking'

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