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Thread: foot injury - how long will i be out?

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    Default foot injury - how long will i be out?

    at bjj last night my foot got bent in half and i tore the tendons/ligaments on the top of my foot... man that hurt!! i was convinced it was broken but a+e said otherwise. i cant walk and my foot is swollen up

    anyone have anything similar... and am i looking at weeks or months?

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    Hard to say; but I'd guess months mate; ligament damage is worse than a break, sadly

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    thought so, thats shit and im not getting any sympathy! everyone seems to think because its not broken it means im ok!

    cant work either

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    i did the same thing at bjj getting taken down, tore my ligament, that was over 10 weeks ago and i still don't have full movement and it still hurts doing any strenuous movements and can't train yet, basically, it's still fucked, can't run, can't train, if i put too much strain on it it starts to burn and ache, lost all flexibility in it and even sitting around it still aches every now and then. physio rekons it'll slowly heal but it's taking ages and is a right cunt.
    though i did refrain from seeing anyone about it for 4 weeks so.....sort of fucked myself up lol

    make you right about people assuming you're ok and underestimating the pain/damage. amount of people i've had tell me im faking it and "it should be better by now" does my nut in, as if i don't want to train. fuckers! it's one of those annoying injuries that just won't go and even once it feels better to walk/jog and you think you're ok, it's just one jolt or twist and you're back in a heap on the floor, it's a cunt.
    as said, mine was over 10 weeks ago and you still can't see my ankle because it's swollen, but apparently nothings broken !!!?!?!??!
    but mine is the achilles so it takes the main bulk of strain in any movement, the top of the foot may be quicker to heal
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    I had almost this exact same injury. (I tore the ligaments under the meta-tarsals thing during a fight last August by throwing a kick and landing it wrong.)

    Basically, I was out for a couple of months, was getting physio on it with acupuncture and stuff. By November it felt fine and I was back to running and stuff, I was really tentative with kicking during training for a while. It twinged a bit as the time progressed and by the end of Nov early Dec it seemed okay (but you ALWAYS land the kicks correctly on pads/bags though dont you??!!??) until I kicked a football in December. I almost dropped!!!

    It's fine now mind.

    As much as I hate to say it (I hated hearing it at the time too), you honestly have to lay off training on it for a good 2-3 months, maybe 4, in order to let it heal properly. It's a twat but time pretty much heals it. Keep mobilising it as much as you can and do any exercises the physio gives you. I had a rubber resistance band and I had to extend it whilst holding it or pull it to me if I tied it to something.

    Good luck though.
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    Go and see a sports therapist dude, they will know much more about it than A&E and can give you better advice.
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    after i made that post i got called back by the hospital to say they made a mistake and i do infact have a lisfranc fracture... i've just got home and i have to wear a cast for at least 3 months

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    bad times mate im sending you some sympathy electronically too you poor little soldier lol

    feeling your pain, had tendon/lig damage in feb from a fight - took around 6-8 weeks to be at about 95% but never fully right

    twisted knee about three weeks ago so training's been limited

    went back to training monday night....and broke my toe ... not amused! Might have to stick to circuts with no sparring for a while to sort my china body out

    hope you heal quick bro
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    injuries are wank!

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