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Thread: awesome night!

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    Default awesome night!

    was just playing this frequency file from the internet and i couldn't hear anything because it's like 20,000hz or something and my hearing doesn't pick up anything under 22:

    Thing is; i kept wacking up the volume and had it on repeat whilst trying to pick it up (lolz) - forgot and left my room. I came back from the shop and my landlord was just leaving my door as I saw him.
    I asked him what was wrong and he told me my housemate upstairs was ringing him about noise from my room which when he turned up at my door, he couldn't hear.

    I didn't say anything further and just unplugged my laptop and made my housemate look like a crazy fool.
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    Haha! i couldn't hear it either, and my volumes at full whack. I guess I must be deaf n all.

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    Oops.. just played it.. I could hear it but turned it right up.. the next door neighbours baby just started crying lol

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    got an app for something like this on my iphone, it's awesome for winding people up and it's pretty much impossible to tell where it's coming from.

    also sends my cats mental, apparently some shops sell things like this to stop cats coming near your garden, it sends out a sound which humans can't hear but cats can.

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    It sounds like very faint whirring to me, like white noise

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    I can hear it
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    I can hear it but it's very faint.

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    God hears all.
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