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Thread: *Shakes Head*

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    6 months they must of had some sick skills or spent alot of money on private lessons ether way somebody is bein short changed

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    Ive seen the picture , how did they get their fingers into that weird position , its like they have double jointed little fingers

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackdogmma View Post
    my bad! (admit it, it was totally worth it)

    hey Craig did you guys win that thing and play that gig we voted on?

    i really want to see the proper article for this 6 month black belt family.

    i can just see the headline now " IN YOUR FACE BJ PENN!"
    We won the vote mate yeah, meant to play on saturday but the promoter is a wanker and appears incapable of getting a license before he books bands and then he doesn't bother to tell the bands, bag of shite!

    But yes we won it and many thanks to everyone who voted ME

    "That was how i got my first soapy titwank!
    Listening is cool and shit." BlackdogMMA

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    Did anbody read the article? It says they got their blackbelts within 6 months of each other, not after 6 months of training.

    I'm not defending the Daily Mail though.
    "You can't have that, you're far to fat"

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    Mrs Hughes's martial arts moves have also landed her in hospital - the result of tearing a ligament in her knee after high-kicking her husband.

    She said: 'There's one move we do where Dean puts his hands around my neck, and I grab him by the leg, pull him to the floor and go to kick him where it hurts - but it ended up hurting me that time.'
    So a high kick in the Daily Mails opinion is kicking a man in his junk when he is lying on the floor.
    "You can't have that, you're far to fat"

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