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Thread: Think I'm a natural born misogynist

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    Default Think I'm a natural born misogynist

    Yeah, right there in the title.

    It's like, I'm not happy unless I'm fucking with some bitch, in the literal or metaphorical sense.

    I just love fucking with their heads - having them think I really like them and stuff, and then fucking them, and generally deceiving them thereafter.

    Funny thing is, I think in a weird sort of way, they like it.
    Chicks dig that shit - being fucked about.

    God knows, they fuck men about enough - what with having ice running through their veins and what not.
    Just look at what Jordan or Ms Price - whatever you want to call her - did our boy Alex Reid... shameful stuff.

    So I'm like the vindicator. I think that's why God put me on this earth - to restore the balance - stop girls fucking with us too much, giving them a taste of their own medicine and so forth.

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    Jordans a bitch.

    Sort her out with your mindfuck stuff will you sir?
    BJJ White belt, 2 stripes.

    General badmotherfucker.

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    Well either that or you have massive deep rooted insecurities about your role in life and your own feelings of self worth which lead you to disrespect the females in your life as you are too scared to look in the mirror at your own faults.

    You obviously hate yourself and this makes you try to bring down people in your life in the vain hope they will not see the fear and self loathing sprinting through your veins.

    So because you have these horrendous feelings about women and authority figures in general this leads you cast away the very people capable of offering you real love an affection and resigning yourself you a life of loneliness and more than likely an early suicide.

    Make sure you get your whole head in front of the shot gun and good night!!!!!
    I'm no gynecologist but I know a cunt when I see one.

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    Either that or he has some unresolved issues with his mother.

    Do you feel like the bond between your mother and yourself wasnt there when you were younger? Maybe there are a few underlying things you need to sort out?

    Your distrust and loathing of women may stem from a rocky relationship with your maternal mother. Did she punish you alot for being affectionate? Maybe didn't pay you as much attention as your siblings so in turn you treat women badly so that they pay attention to what you do? Do you feel like you want women to NEED you in relationships? Where you WANT them to get in contact constantly like you wanted your mother to do when you were younger?
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    either that or paddy is trying out more of his 'Fuckin sick creative writing' course homework on us?
    'Go read a fucking book, you piece of shit.'

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    You are clearly gay. If Saeed from Eastenders can admit he loves bum fun then you can too. Don't be ashamed.

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    Well, none of the above.

    I had a very happy childhood.
    I regard myself as being successful in life and I'm a pretty good fighter too - very technical, clinical etc.

    I think God just put me on earth to act as a polarizing figure as such - so I can keep things in shape, keep certain chicks from getting ahead of themselves too much.

    What can I say - I'm an attractive guy.
    I've got the confidence, I've got the looks, I've got the chat.
    Chicks just dig that shit.

    Unfortunately for them, I form little to no emotional attachment and end up screwing them over - pretty much always.

    Yeah, so that's it.
    So chicks - BEWARE

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim_Williams View Post
    Jordans a bitch.

    Sort her out with your mindfuck stuff will you sir?
    Oh yes - has anyone got her e-mail?

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    Check back through family photos, I think your Mum touched you in the wrongen. So you are a handsome great fighter? Post sherdog record and pics and let the God of Cage Warriors judge thee

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    Quote Originally Posted by paddylast View Post
    I think God just put me on earth to act as a polarizing figure as such
    God did not put you here to think.

    God just made you an annoying cunt.
    God is sponsered by For real.

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