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    Default Lazy in August

    Is it me or does August now mean that most classes have to close because of the lack of students willing to train.

    I get a lot of Instructors coming into the shop saying the same thing.

    " I am closing the gym during August " // " I am only doing a couple of classes as a lot of people are not training "

    Are we getting to a point that come August classes have to close because students use Holidays, kids being off, having a couple of weeks off to rest etc ~ as reasons to take the entire month off.

    I remeber being a younger man and that you only missed training if you were on holiday and only the time you were away on holiday and as soon as you were back you were back training.

    or is it just certain Martial Arts that are being hit during this period.

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    seems like a missed business opportunity for 'summer camps'

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    Its the holiday season, loads of people go away. Its my slowest month by miles for trade equipment.

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    mma camps,now there's something!!! instead of having to fly half way around the world and paying a small fortune,would be good to have something like that here in the uk!!!
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    Thats not a bad idea ~ with the increse in gyms - maybe we will see summer camps popping up.

    I know a lot of the Karate Clubs are dead so are closing but what are the MMA gyms like

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    On the plus side, things get really busy in September when the Universities start back and loads of students appear. Then after a month of training they discover cheap pubs, cheap drugs and cheap women.

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    very true ~ get the money off them whilst you can is what I say

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