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Thread: A Call Centre Tribute

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    i worked for sky for 2 years until i was asked to leave for somehtign that got out of hand that i didnt do.

    we used to fuck about all the time too, i used to hide under peoples desks with a rabbit costume on and grab their legs when they sat down was fucking hilarious.

    i had a guy on the phone one time who threatened to cut my head off, I said come on down then, he said what do you look like, i said 6ft 2 and black lol.

    We used to get more money for someone leaving a call on the same package etc... as they came on as. I used to get people calling up with broken sky boxes asking for a service call, i said it cost 65 and when they mentioned the cancel word i had the choice to do it for free which got me 50p commission if i said well its 65 have a think about it and come back i got 2... i was a bad bastard then lol.

    btw if you call sky if you have a broken box and say you want to cancel they will do it free of charge, they also can give you half price offers, free moving home installations and new boxes inc sky+.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmy Boogaloo View Post
    ^^ haha legend.

    'Fuck it, i'm off'
    Ha! Well it's either get sacked or leave of my own accord! I know they have to give you 48 hours notice of a meeting so if I don't turn up tomorrow they have to rearrange another. I might just go down the docs and and blag it for a sick note for depression. That way I can get some sick pay while I'm looking for a new job Don't really know what I want to do jobwise though, been working in call centres for the past 4 years and it bores me silly!

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    worked in a call center for nearly 3 years, the first month I was getting really pissed off with people, this one guy called up and was going mental at me cos his phone was faulty or something, he was calling me a dick and things like that, I got so pissed of i said " Listen ya wee prick just remember I have your name and address up here on my screen and at any point I want I can come round to your house and kick the living shit out of you" his reply was "ok" then he hung up. the guy sitting across from me was sitting there with his mouth open lol good times
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