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Thread: Black people are better at fighting than White people

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    Quote Originally Posted by Temeura View Post
    I remember reading that they looked into why there were no white guys under 100m and they couldn't see why. There is no reason, in a genetic sense, why white people shouldn't be as fast as black people.

    It is a bit of a mystery.
    This could be unture am not certain and you could look it up, but i think it has something to do with muscle fibres, which there are three types of, I think they are type 1, type 2a and type 2b, these are reffered to as fast and slow twitch muscles fibres, type 1 being slow and type 2 being fast.

    If a person has type 1 then they will be generally better at long distance runnig.

    If a person has type 2a then they will generally be better at middle distance running and swimming.

    And if a person has type 2b then they will generally be better at spriniting.

    Now am sure that research has found that black people have been found to have type 2 b muscle fibres a lot more than white people hence the amount of amazing black sprinters, ad then you find that a lot of whit people are good at swimming and middle distnace running due to haveing type 2a fibres.

    So if all what i am saying is true, and it is as far as i can remember and have been taught then genetically black people will be better at sprinting. But if someone does research and finds me to be wrong please tell and discredit this

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    Quote Originally Posted by phil flynn View Post
    this is a pro mma forum mate so go post your boxing views on a boxing thread,so if we're talking mma go and look at the colour of the guys who are the champs in that
    To be fair i think this is fine as an MMA thread, the guy has just referenced boxing to help make his point.

    All he is implying really is that in the future we may see a different lay of the land in MMA with regards who is dominating the sport - its an intereseting concept however, Rosi makes a very good counter point saying
    the more technical and complex the sport, the less the outcome is going to be determined by genetics.
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    Read every post the OP has made and he is a pure troll.

    Stubbsy is that you?

    I'm no gynecologist but I know a cunt when I see one.

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    "Black women have nicer bottoms tha white women."

    That would be a better thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mack3333 View Post
    "Black women have nicer bottoms tha white women."

    That would be a better thread.
    No fucking way. No fucking how. Sir Mix-a-lot was wrong.
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    Define 'Black'. Define 'White'. Once you truly understand race you will have graduated as proffesor in various areas of study and then you can go on and answer your question effectively. Defining success in sports in terms of race is incredably difficult unless you want to get all Hitler on the situation and only allow Sub-Saharan Africans and white descendents from the corsican mountains to take part in the sports you aim to study (By that I mean defined racial types). Everyone is a mix of so many genetic make ups, even Africans from Africa and whites from Europe that there is no real test of this way of thinking that does not lend heavy on hypothesis which tends to end up being tainted by bias and ignorance- Fight sports as was said on the first page tends to be the sport of the downtrodden, now if you are saying there are larger immigrant populations being held in poverty for various reasons then you would have no arguments. Race is one of the most complex subjects around and simplified observations dont take into account the vast amount of information available in fields as varied as media studies to genetics. I personally beleive that there will always be individuals who break norms, these individuals will always confound and confuse those that rely on racial stereotyping to conduct their observations. We are all one MANKIND
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    One last thing, MMA will probably be the most multiracial of all sports concerning its champions due to the sports all rounded nature. There are so many ways to win and so much variance on so many physiological necessities that it truly will be the level playing field in sports

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    Massive generalisation. There are so many different aspects to consider when looking at MMA. If your original statement was correct, Bob Sapp would be undefeated.
    I think you'd be better suited looking at the particular region a fighter is from (South America, USA, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia) Ironically, I have left Africa out as I couldnt think of lots of African fighters

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    this thread heading is utter bollox. fair shout to the people who have gone into detail, some informative facts. but all in all a true shit thread...what balls are bigger than yours......oil of olay is better than cocoa butter....honestly
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