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Thread: Black people are better at fighting than White people

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    and fucking LOL at cromscott putting he's in wales to try and hide himself when his IP has him near warrington, im sure its just a coincidence that this happens to be where the twat comes from and has even appeared as the warrington cagerager in former lives.
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    please tell me you watched daniel jacobs get KTFO?
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    Temeura, it is not a mystery as to why black people are faster than white people. They have more white twitch fibres in their body meaning more spring which helps for things like high jump & sprinting. This means that a big black man may often be faster than a big white man, while a big white man (usually a Northern European) will often be stronger. Going back to the top of the thread, there is no reason at all why black people should succeed at MMA any more than white people. In the lighter divisions both whites & black will quick. In the heavier divisions, like boxing, the black fighters may have slightly quicker hands but on the ground they may not have quite as much core strength. It will of course come down to who has the better knowledge of MMA skills both standing up & on the ground. I really don't think skin colour will come into it.

    Incidently I am white with black ancestory & I matchmake for a Brithish born Jamaican who, amazingly enough has lost to white people before. He has also beaten many white people & some black people.

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    Maybe its all the chicken they eat ? white folks prefer burgers...

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    Interesting to note that the successful Kenyan long distance athletes are all from the same area/village, also white sprinters haven't progressed much in the way of times - Alan Wells won the Moscow Olympics 100m in 10.11secs (and he was not only white but Scottish!!).

    I think training has a lot to do with it and training/fighting to your strengths. Don't forget mindset, motivation,determination and mental toughness as well will have a huge impact on how someone fights and handles themselves.

    Genetics is clearly part and parcel of any sport but to simplify it to skin colour is daft - it's clearly, in my view, regional and completely irrespective of skin colour.

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