Hey guys,

I'm putting together a feature for a mainstream mag about MMA gyms in the UK. I'm trying to put together the top 20, and I've got a few ideas, but I thought I'd run it by this board to fill in the gaps. The criteria we're looking for are:

1. They do enough classes to qualify as an 'MMA' gym. I train at Roger Gracie's, but I can't put them in because there isn't much in the way of striking/wrestling there, and they're not very focused on training people for MMA.

2. Preferably they've turned out fighters that the more MMA-savvy readers will have heard of, or are coming up through the ranks.

3. They've got their own premises - ie it's gyms, not fight teams.

So far I'm looking at the likes of London Shootfighters, Leicester Shootfighters, UTC, the Wolfslair and Kaobon. Any other suggestions would be magic - I'll try to check them all out, but if you've got a really good reason why they're top 20, please post it.