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Thread: Best MMA gyms in the UK/Magazine feature

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    Predators MMA Manchester, Home to Rob and Mick Sinclair Will Burke Phil Flynn and many more.

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    Yeah, maybe 20 won't work. I really wanted to get names so I can check out their sites/competition records, then see where I'm at. I know the big names - Wolfslair, etc - but didn't want to miss anyone who might be about to turn out the next big name in MMA. The responses are much appreciated though, guys.

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    cant believe only one person has mentioned team titan. madness lol TEAM TITAN
    three wins three losses need to get my arse back on winning ways

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    erm i dont know if this had been mentioned but ive missed it, but what about Team rough house? bushido is it called?

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    I understand that there is a bit of home bias here as everyone loves their own gym, but I can honestly say one of, if not the best club in Scotland is the one in Dundee, where Shootfighters train out of.

    Coaches wise it has a group of respected and knowledgeable guys, who have spent years travelling about the place, including America, to further their knowledge of the sport. There is also a good mix of young and old, amateur, semi pro and pro fighters. With it being in Dundee, there is also students from America over there, last time I was up there was a huge lad who had wrestled for years in the states training.

    The facilities are second to non, full size cage, matted area, fitness equipment, everything you need in a top notch gym.

    There has also been, and will be some good guys coming from all over, with Dave Elliott doing a seminar recently and Robert Drysdale doing one this weekend.

    Like most clubs, or even all clubs in Scotland though, the biggest problem is getting a big group of pro fighters consistently training in the gym, so it is difficult to compare it to the likes of Team Rough house, Shootfighters London etc. But in the grand scheme of MMA in Britain, it has to be right up there.
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    Tsunami Gym/Pro Am Fight Gym
    MMA RULES East Coast Fight Factory show dates 2014
    7th June - 4th Oct - 15 Nov - Fighters Wanted

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    Falcons Martial Arts - South Wales
    ‘Rehearsed routines lack the flexibility to adapt - Simple, Direct & Brutal’

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    But im biased

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    Default Gyms

    I have been running MMA gyms for the last 10 years and have produced some decent fighters.

    Not claiming to be in the top 20 etc but have been around along time, Ian Butlin, Aaron etc have all visited and trained in my early gyms.

    My current gym although very new and needs time to grow is


    Dewsbury, West Yorkshire

    mma, bjj, kickboxing etc
    Professional MMA Referee

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    Cheers everyone - I've also got a follow-up question:

    -Is anyone here currently training for their first amateur/semi-pro MMA fight, or has just had it? Or do any of the coaches/gym owners on here know anyone who's going for it? I'd like to talk to someone who's taking the plunge about how they started training, why they've decided to step it up and if it's making them taking their training more seriously.

    I'd rather talk to guys who got into the training for fitness and have decided to have a fight than guys who've got their hearts set on getting into the UFC, if that makes sense. Also, I'd rather talk to blokes in their 20s/30s - sorry, fighting ladies and youngsters, but that's our target audience. And yes you get to be in the mag, but no you don't have to take your top off. Please PM me if you're interested...

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