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    Default Need your help.

    Anyone and everyone who might know the slightest bit of info that can help me.

    So i was licked as hell last night, been smoking on since about 4 in the afternoon, it was around 10ish i got this text.

    Unknown number saying "hey babe x" I text back asking who it was, and they said it was a girl called ********, who i met at a party last month when i was hammerd. She doesnt know anyone there, only her mate who she came with who i dont know either. She gave 2 people who knew her - i rang one and he has no clue who this girl is.

    I confronted her saying he doesnt know her and she says "oh he might not know me, he knows my mates"

    She then sent me 2 pics of her ( 1 with her mate kelly) And she looks propper hot!! will post pics in a min. now im sober, the pics look like its 2 different people so im thinking its fake.

    Now my ex gf has been playing stupid tricks on me since we broke up, like getting me jumped, telling the police i broke into the house etc.

    So im suspish as to if its her playing another trick. I could of been drunk enough to not remember meeting this ******** girl but its very unlikely. Im sure iv never met her - im even more suspiscious cos shes so hot! - no one hot talks to me, i look like a troll.

    So after a long post, im asking for help. Anyone who has any ideas how i can find out who this is please come forward. I have a phone number, and 2 names. Im sure this isnt who they say it is, but wanna play along untill i find out who it is.

    As promsied...
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    This is not a gif. It is an actual video of Fedor doing infinate press ups.

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