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Thread: Need your help.

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    I can tell you where the number is registered if its on our network (you never know) and where said person is based, names etc. PM number.

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    PM sent!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    what did you do to your ex for her to hate you so much ?

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    What bateman said.

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    this thread has potential to be epic, how i love cagewarriors lol
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    This is not legit. Find the number, find the address and head round with the boys packing pipes and a blowtorch.
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    Stick her number, name and photo on 4chan.

    They will be able to tell you pretty much anything you would ever want to know about her within a few hours....although its a hell of a risk.

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    Default the story

    Quote Originally Posted by Bateman View Post
    what did you do to your ex for her to hate you so much ?
    here is the full story as LONG as it is.

    So im dating this chick, who had a previously tramuatic relationship. her last boyfriend was a massive cunt, and had raped her at a party. She was too scared of him to call it off.

    So when i started dating her there was alot of previous issues i had to get through before she would even trust me, naturaly. Fast forward in time/ we got really serious and were a seemingly happy couple - she was popular as hell from being my gf (i dont wana sound big headed, i live in a small town and most people know me, kinda like rocky balboa ) And she'd started to trust people more and really come back to the girl she was before her ex.

    Call me a pussy or whatever - but i generaly had never felt like i did about this girl.

    Fast foward again/ So a couple weeks before my fight, a friend of mine is KIA. Pretty tough time. A few days before my fight, my missus says she doesnt wanna do it anymore, and breaks up with me.

    I put it all to the back of my head and go through with the fight. A week passes after my fight and i start to sort my head out a little, another week passes and i get in touch with her, start talking again with the intention of getting her back.

    Suddenly im slammed one day with her being in a relationship. Her mates all telling her "its about time you had someone nice" And that shed been seeing him a month previously to breaking up with me.

    I go to confront her, and im met with "I dont have to explain myself to the likes of you" Im blocked, deleted and shut up completly.

    Next thing i know, Police are investigating into a claim that i broke into her house. Eventualy it comes to nothing.

    Then i get a text one night from a mate asking me to come out - i meet her and my ex is stood there. I get shouted at cos shes got it into her head i was cheating on her with the mate. I set things straight and my mate goes home. I talk to my ex and i get pretty irate - shouting at her for all the shit shes done.

    Then 4+ (i didnt pay much attention) of her mates come running down the road, one with a chair hahahaha. I realise whats going on and i swiftly jog on into the darkness, poeticly disapearing into the night.

    Shed called her mates to jump me when she realised id be in a certain place at a certain time, she'd even fine tuned her plan to such a degree, that shed found out when my best mate was out of town visiting his dad (so he couldnt come help me)

    The story went out that id gone out and beat her up, and her mates had stopped it, 3 guesses who it was who spread that...

    Now we're at the point when i get this text. Im fucking twisted so have no idea if i remember or not. Morning after, being sober, i realise its a trap.

    Now if you were me, you'd suspect her to be behind this also.

    In conclusion; i've done nothing for her to hate me. i gave her everything, and treated her like a goddess. Shes now sunk back into nothing as people realise what a psycho bitch she is, and are disgusted with the way shes acting. I think this is the thing that has twisted her so much, that without me she really is nothing.

    Now there is a few details here and there skipped over, and a few things iv probably missed out. But you get the story.
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    This is not a gif. It is an actual video of Fedor doing infinate press ups.

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    Do as has been said and invite "her" to a public place obviously expecting your ex to turn up.

    Make sure that you have your crew there and have loads of printed out photo shops of your ex calling her a massive cunt etc.

    So if the hot chick walks in then game on and tap that ass.

    If your ex walks in as suspected then pull out the photo shops pics and make her look a cunt.
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    yep , she sounds pretty fckin mental. Saying that , most chicks are mate.

    I would advise a lifestyle of international playboy, no names, no commitment.

    If you need a friend, get a dog !

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