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    As we all know, tomorrow is gay pride day - so I think it's a fitting time to address this particular subject.

    Now - I want to reaffirm/disclaim my opinion on gays - I have no problem with gay people being gay. Each to their own, it's only a single facet of their character, which consists, as a whole, of much more than their sexual preferences; and I would never judge someone purely on that.

    But I train with this gay guy - wrestling.
    He's a nice bloke, but sometimes he gets a bit too touchy/feely, if you know what I mean.
    Like, I wouldn't touch the girls we train with the way he touches me sometimes - and I'm not gay. I think it would be inappropriate even if I was gay, cause I didn't give him permission, but I"m not - which makes it even more awkward.

    I don't wanna tell the guy straight up, would he mind not putting his hand in my ass crack, or fondling my thighs mid take down - but at the same time, I wanna let him know that it's not really acceptable.

    What I've been doing is, when he "gets in the mood", seemingly, I've been trying to take him down real hard - let him know he should show me a bit more respect - cause it's like he's trying to dominate me or something.
    I can't help but get the feeling he'd like to make me his bitch - have me be submissive to him - and I think I need to show him who's boss a bit more.

    Now, he's a pretty strong guy as well, and when he takes me down - you know, I fight it as much as I can - but if he gets the better of me, I'll go down like a man, and accept that he got the better of me.

    Anyway, I know he's aware that his fondling is making me uncomfortable, but he doesn't seem to be able to help himself - which I can understand somewhat - as I am a very attractive guy (not egotistical, just fact), though I still wouldn't accept it as an excuse.

    Anyone have experience of a similar situation - and how did you deal with it??
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