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Thread: Walk in Shop ~ what do you want to see

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    Default Walk in Shop ~ what do you want to see

    As every one knows I run a walk in shop.

    My question is - what do look for in a walk in shop or what would you like to see in a walk in shop.

    as much as I stock and fit the shop to what I feel is the correct gear - its you the fighters that come to buy the kit.

    straight answers please.

    and no I am not going to stock Fridges ~ LOL

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    just your friendly face is enough for me mike

    i just think everyone wants the best price on quality gear, as long as you have that then you cant go wrong

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    cheers mate and when we have sorted all the changes then we will be offering big Walk In Discounts.

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    Hot, naked women with big tits.
    Chocolate waffles and ice-cream. -

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    I want two things from a shop, good prices and shop staff that leave me the fuck alone.

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    MMA shorts & shirts (nice variety of clothing)
    Training Eqpt

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    you should sell governing bodies, they seem to be all the rage these days... everyone has one

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    i will swop the UFC dvds for porn ~ thats sorted

    I can leave the shop when you come in so you have the place to your self

    the governing body sounds good ~ i could do one for walk in shops

    ~ come on guys - you are the customers what is your ideal shop -

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    Hm MC introductions for everyone who comes in .... obviously ppl will have to que and hand in info cards and for this to work you will need:

    1. Haze Machine
    2. Ricky Wright
    3. Lighting Kit
    4. Sound system for theme songs
    5. Maybe like a red carpet?
    6. Props for people to wear in their shop entrances.

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