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Thread: Walk in Shop ~ what do you want to see

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    from what you said you was going to do with it, trad stuff one side, MMA the other, I think you'll nail it. It looks better now ya can see across the middle, instead of the shelving there now too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by C.K.A.Martial Arts View Post
    cheers for the imput
    No worries

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    Decent display of kit, Colors styles, Maybe even only one or two of each with more sizes out the back (think trainers in a sports shop) rather than piles and piles of gloves and kit on display for anyone to root through.

    Not so much see but the prices need to be in line with on line, I know costs are higher for the physical shop rather than on line one, but if you can get a pair of gloves for 30 on line dont sell them at 50. I will pay more if I can actually take an item away there and then, try it on get a bit of advice (often a sucker for the up sell) but I wont if the prices take the piss.

    Knowledgeable and friendly staff who are happy to leave you alone until they are needed, after all you wouldn't buy a sports car from someone who knows fuck all about them so for kit like this I like the sales guy to actually know what hes talking about from experience rather than just I like these gloves because they have a snake on them....( Doesn't apply to you but to any other staff you might have)

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    Thats why I got rid of the staff I did have ~ I have road tested most the products I sell or give them to my sponsored fighters to road test them for me.

    valid points on the sale prices and display ~ cheers mate

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    Cool Classic dialogue

    Boy:Can I have your name? Girl:Why?Don't you already have one? Boy:I'd like to call you.Your number? Girl:It's in the phone book. Boy:Is this seat empty? Girl:Yes,and this one will be if you sit down. Boy:Haven't I seen you some place before? Girl:Yes.That's why I don't go there anymore. No money no way in real life,no gold no way in game!

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