Do you ever find this happens with you??
Relate your experience here.

This is what happened me recently

I was knocking off this hot piece of hootchy - real fine bit of ass - and cheap also; well, I dunno, I guess she was charging me the going rate, but her going rate was cheap.

Anyways - first time I paid her for sex - despite the fact that she was a hooker, we got on real good.
Usually them chicks have you in and out of there, you know, but she kept me in for ages - like there was no time limit - sharing out life stories and so forth.

Second time I went back to her, we got on good, even better maybe, but I wasn't really on my game that night, so I could tell she wasn't too bothered - you know the way you gotta keep chicks excited to keep them interested; well, as I said, I wasn't on my game that night.

Anyways - this one evening I was in town, and I was dressed up real nice, just got my hair groomed and shaved and what not.
We bumped into each other, but as soon as she saw me, her eyes hit the ground, like she was all embarrassed and shit.
But I could tell she was thinking, "aw man, what was I doing letting that guy just walk away from me last time without getting his number", (I read that entirely from her facial expression).

Cause you know, when I went back a second time, she must have thought, "hmmm, this guy must fancy me", and as we all know, chicks are suckers for shit like that - if you go out of your way to see them and whatever.

But I didn't see her since - that was maybe, three/four weeks ago.

So last night, I walk into the gym - and guess who was stood, leaning on the ring ropes, having a good butchers at all the half naked men: you guessed it - little miss hook-a-lot.
Dressed to focking kill.
Hair dyed jet black - focking color coded clothes, black and white - tight pants.
Man, all eyes were on this bitch!

How the fock she found the gym - is beyond me.
I guess she noticed my chiseled body whilst I was banging her - that and the fact the I kept on putting her in butterfly guard, to guard pass, back to full guard etc, during the dead - put 2 and 2 together and she figured - this guys a fighter - checked out all the nearby mma gyms, and eventually came across my one.

But that's just a theory - I dunno; it's always eluded me, but birds seem to be able to dig up all sorts of shit about a dude they're interested in - somehow.

So anyways - there she was - in my gym; this bitch.
She ignored me completely of course, playing it cool, no doubt. But I could tell she was profiling me all the while I was training.

She hung around reception after, waiting till I was gone - and I ain't seen her since; which is understandable, as that was just last night.

Well - there you go.
Bitches be crazy!!