this goes out to all those small gyms or online shops that havent got the cash flow to buy in bulk.

Companies such as Opro offer big discounts if you buy 500 units or more, the problem is to buy such large amounts of a single product can tie up major cash.

so I am looking for fellow shops, online shops and gyms that want to get on board with certain stock.

the way it works is simple ~ I am buying job lots of Gum Shields and Basic Groin Boxes, Thai Oil.

I will sell you the product at cost - which is the top unit discount price + the vat charged by the company + the VAT I have to pay when selling it on.

thats still going to work out a better price then buying a small amount from the big suppliers.

the way this works for me is simple ~ I get the best rates on the stock for my shop so for my customers but I am not having to tie up 5K in Gum Shields or over 1K in Thai Cream/Oil thous giving me better cash flow.

Pick up on big orders will be a must as I dont use a courier as most of my customers come into the shop ~ postage can be done but it can get a little expensive on heavy products.

PM with any questions and what stock you may be looking at.