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Thread: Sportfight Scotland Nov 13th

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    Pro fight confirmed.

    Ally McCrae v Darren Clarke
    DNFT Team Unity

    Another closely contended domestic pro match in the making!

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    Good fight right there
    This is the most fun i can have without going to jail

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    4 pro fights
    1 A-class Thai fight
    semi pro bw 4 man
    + semi pro and Thai undercard.

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    Lanark, Scotland


    The value for money on the Lanark shows is awesome, cracking venue, high quality fights and all at some of the cheapest ticket prices, if not the cheapest. Will be getting a table with some mates. Can't wait

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    Any chance of posting the full fight card up?
    Ally McCrae PRO BW Dinky Ninja Fight Team.

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    What's the deal with tickets anyway, what are the prices? Are there tables? If so how much and are they still available? Looking forward to it.

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    [QUOTE=james macalister;678637]That sucks man. Guted u had to pull out, I only want to fight hissy out of the 3 guys in the tourny now. Already fought mark cosgrove and hissy beat gilchrist so am only interested in fighting hissy. Hope its me n hissy in the final. That way will be a good finally!
    When u going pro m8? This is my last semi pro match, so when ur pro we would face off
    again. Makes it a little more interesting. Were u going to train now m8?[/QUOTE

    Alright mate, I'm now going to be training out of Lanark with the DNFT. No sure when I'll turn pro, need to impress my new coach first b4 that cn happen Cnt wait to fight again and know my game will come on along way now with the dinky ninjas.
    Hope trainings going well and gd luck. Again we'll defo fight again at sum point.
    Lanark MMA/ NinjaswithAttitude - DNFT Pro fighter

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    Nice one m8. Good choice with goin to lanark dinkys. They have some shit hot fighter that can teach u a lot. Maby in the future some time m8, how long have u been out of training?
    James MacAlister BW pro 7-2-0 DNFT#1

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    Looking forward to this one,

    Never been to a SportFight before,

    Some great matchups.
    SFC -

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