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    Right people just got braces in, look like a fuckin tool like but who gives a shit!
    anyway I got this shockdoctor braces guard today but its like I've got a fuckin hockey puck in my gob, I wondered if anyone who had braces before used standard cheap boil in bite guards and just keep remoulding, before anyone says ortho wanted to charge £70 for single top mouthguard, they can eat shit!

    Obviously Ill keep the bulky shocdoctor if I have too but just wanted anyones point of view if they have had orthodontics and wore mouthguards!
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    I really encourage you to NOT ghetto rig a mouthpiece. At the least, you’re gonna end up popping off brackets and have to get it put back on. Until that time, it’s just gonna dangle and spin on the arch wire and then drive you into insanity. All your teeth are becoming loose as it positions in alignment, so they’re already compromised. One good shot to the mouth can damaged the roots, causing a massive abscess. It happened to me while holding mitts for my 11 yr. old. Because it wasn’t decay, my orthodontist couldn’t find anything on x ray. Over the weekend, the gum swelled, & I had to have a root canal (with the braces on) Try to be patient and hang in there with the hockey puck. Just like the braces, and eventually the retainer~it takes time to get used to it.
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