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Thread: Bar Bell Landsmines- Advice

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    Default Bar Bell Landsmines- Advice

    Who does them? How? Have you got any cheeky variations?

    Olympic Bar Ball, unweighted end wrapped in a towel and pushed into the corner where wall meets floor. Bar held up at approx 45 degree angle with baseball bat grip at the very end of the collar ie the plates are below my hands. Half step back, slight bend in the knees and hips to have a secure base, arms almost locked out but with slight arc at the elbow, hips stay square on with upper body rotating just beyond 90 degrees then explosively back to the middle.

    3 sets x 6 reps per side. Followed by 2 sets x 10 reps per side with reduced weight, hands below the weight on the actual bar, lunge/knelt forward postion, left leg forward when twisting to the right and vice versa, back leg reaching back on small wobble board.

    Absolutely love them. Any thoughts guys?

    Michael Stapleton (Not Martin Stapleton)

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    Well you lot are a bag of wank aren't you??

    Michael Stapleton (Not Martin Stapleton)

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    Lie on your back with one arm outstretched and holding the barbell.

    Explode up as if you were doing the initial stage of a turkish getup or escaping from side control by posting on the downward arm.

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