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    Default Ground Control 'Beat the Heat' Results!!!!

    Ground Control 'Beat the Heat' Results

    Kids Division

    1st Alex Swales Reps MMA (3pts)
    2nd Seb Rice Liverpool MMA Academy (2pts)
    3rd Tia Deffick Nova Vida (1pt)

    Over 50kg
    1st Patrick Pimlett Next Generation (3pts)
    2nd Paul Rigby MCKG Wigan (2pts)
    3rd DJ Whike Gracie Barra Lagarto (1pt)

    Womens Absolute
    1st Sarah Merringer London Fight Factory (7pts)
    2nd Hannah Radford Liverpool MMA Academy (6pts)
    3rd Melissa Wong Italo Ferreira (5pts)

    U62kg under 1 yr
    1st Anthony Carrol Liverpool MMA Academy (3pts)
    2nd Staszkievic Lucas Team Warriors (2pts)
    3rd Kyle Fallon Gracie Barra Lagarto (1pt)

    U62kg under 3 yrs
    1st Mark Platt Gracie Barra Newcastle (5pts)
    2nd Jake Cross BJJ Labs (4pts)

    U62kg Advanced division
    1st Carl Luckett London Shootfighters (7pts)
    2nd Mark Taylor Sukata (6pts)
    3rd Wade Jennings Liverpool MMA Academy (5pts)

    U68kg under 1 yr
    1st Thomas Christian Liverpool MMA Academy (3pts)
    2nd Joe Walton Gracie Barra Newcastle (2pts)
    3rd Aziz Auukhubazi Gracie Barra Newcastle (1pt)

    U68 under 3yrs
    1st Mike Nickolson Liverpool MMA academy (5pts)
    2nd Jamie Molyneux Leicester Shootfighters (4pts)
    3rd Tom Miller Ultimate Fight School (3pts)

    U68kg Advanced
    1st Paul McVeigh Dinky Ninjas (7pts)
    2nd Robbie Fallon Gracie Barra Lagarto (6pts)
    3rd Luiz Tosta London Shootfighters (5pts)

    U73kg under 1 yr
    1st Kamil Wos Liverpool MMA Academy (3pts)
    2nd Edward Pang Leicester Shootfighters (2pts)
    3rd Alexis Donayioton Hereford Combat Academy (1pt)

    U73kg under 3yrs
    1st Andrew Mullings Next Generation (5pts)
    2nd Jamie Bodden Gracie Barra (4pts)
    3rd Danny Fogel Desire MMA (3pts)

    U73kg Advanced
    1st Oliver Geddes Gracie Barra (7pts)
    2nd Rob McCrum Dinkey Ninjas (6pts)
    3rd Liam Corrigan Leicester Shootfighters (5pts)

    U80kg under 1 yr
    1st Lee Wells Liverpool MMA Academy (3pts)
    2nd Chris Whitehead Next Generation (2pt)

    U80kg under 3yrs
    1st Jacob Constantionah Leicester Shootfighters (5pts)
    2nd Chris Fishgold Next Generation (4pts)
    3rd Dave Watson Pure MMA (3pts)

    U80kg advanced
    1st Joe Duffy Falcons MMA (7pts)
    2nd Neil Duncan Gracie Barra Newcastle (6pts)
    3rd Will Burke Predators (5pts)

    U87kg under 1 yr
    1st Daniel Roberts Next Generation (3pts)
    2nd Rich Lawarrson Predators (2pts)
    3rd Steve Harrock London Shootfighters (1pt)

    U87kg under 3yrs
    1st Scott Asicham Ultimate Fight School (5pts)
    2nd Daniel Sliwowskil Mick Shores (4pts)
    3rd Dan Hope Dinky Ninjas (3pts)

    U87kg Advanced
    1st Antony Jones Liverpool MMA Academy (7pts)
    2nd Matt Inman SBG (6pts)
    3rd Stuart Cooper Gracie Barra Lagarto (5pts)

    U98kg under 1yr
    1st Graham Mealand Liverpool MMA Academy (3pts)
    2nd Derek Matulewkz Fleetwood MMA (2pts)
    3rd Matt Stewart Eclipse BJJ (1pt)

    U98kg Advanced
    1st Chris Coltrane BJJ Labs (7pts)
    2nd Paul Rice Sukata (6pts)
    3rd Dean Bradbury Hereford Combat Academy (5pts)

    over 98kg under 1 yr
    1st William Atherton Burton Grind House (3pts)
    2nd Jake McBride Liverpool MMA Academy (2pts)

    over 98kg Advanced
    1st Dave Allen Gracie Barra Newcastle (7pts)
    2nd Dave Taylor Liverpool MMA Academy (6pts)
    3rd Shane Kennedy Gracie Barra Lagarto (5pts)

    over 35s veterans
    1st Rob Freeman Predators (7pts)
    2nd Allan Shepherd Liverpool MMA Academy (6pts)
    3rd John O'Malley Desire MMA (5pts)

    1st Liverpool MMA Academy 53 pts
    2nd Gracie Barra Lagarto 29 pts
    3rd Gracie Barra Newcastle 21 pts
    joint 4th Leicester Shootfighters/Next Gen/Dinky Ninjas 16pts
    5th Predators 14 pts

    Which means that the liverpool mma academy won the cash prize of 300, because of this we will be rolling that money over to the next event, which means the cash prize will be at least 600 for the team of the tournament next time!

    plus bigger things planned!
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