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Thread: Getting fighting fit - help please.

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    Default Getting fighting fit - help please.

    I'm looking to get what you'd call, "fighting fit".
    I'm currently 21st 3lbs and carry quite a bit of flab around the middle.

    If I were taking 2 classes a week, one stand-up and one BJJ,
    and had access to a gym 5 morning a week...

    How would you suggest I spend my time in the gym every morning? I want to knock off the weight and fight, one day. If only to prove something to myself.

    I would appreciate the input.
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    I'd probably start by cutting the fat.
    Every morning spend minimum 20 minutes on treadmill/static bike ensuring your heartrate is at around 60-70% of maximum. Depends how much time you have on the mornings but try get a good 10-15 minutes focused on ab exercises to strengthen your abs, strong abs will help you in any area of the game. When you feel you have reached a goal in the fat loss you can then maybe change 2 of those 5 mornings into strength and conditioning sessions. These are always easier to do with a partner as you really need to push each other.

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    plenty of cardio 20 mins x 3 seperate excercises in a session

    low intensity work out, its vitaly important you complete the duration so if its too tuff slow the pace down, try not to stop!

    20 walking, 20 minutes rowing and 20 mins bike would be a good start.

    your going to need to watch your diet aswell, if you cut 250 calories a day from your usual diet, you should be losing approx 0.5kg a week! which is considered healthy ( depends on the individual though)


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    You need a really good balance of strength and cardio. Try this if you’re still stuck for ideas try ultimate mma strength and conditioning

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