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Thread: MMA Strength and Conditioning in Leeds

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    Cool MMA Strength and Conditioning in Leeds

    Hi All,

    Firstly quick intro, I'm Brendan Chaplin, a strength and conditioning coach from the Leeds area. I work with a fair few local fighters and after speaking with the guys I train and following requests from quite a few people I have decided to start running S&C sessions for fighters.
    From the 14th of September I am going to be opening up the Leeds Met Carnegie gym for strength and conditioning sessions for fighters and people who want to train athletically. The sessions will be focussed on building strength, power, endurance as well as injury prevention and flexibility etc.
    Sessions are 6 each or 9 for both (there are two each day) and will be on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays initially. The monthly unlimited training price is 40.

    Your first session is free so come and check it out, I have everything you could want to become the best athlete you can be including barbells and dumbells, kettlebells, lifting platforms, sleds, tyres, and loads of other stuff!

    Ill also be running training camps for teams and individual fighters on weekends which are 2 hour sessions consisting of extended versions of all the above! These are 12 per person but team and group discounts are available, drop me an email through the site.

    All the guys I have worked with I think have benefitted from the training both on the mat and most importantly in the cage.

    You can check out loads of clips on my website as well as all the info about the sessions and myself! I also have a strength and conditioning blog on which will also give you a flavour of where I'm coming from.

    The sessions will be tough but hopefully they'll be good fun too!

    Anyway to over dramatise the whole occasion........the countdown has begun!!

    Hope to see people down the gym!


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    Really interested in this.. could you give me a post code so I can find it on google maps?


    EDIT: here it is for other lazies:

    Leeds Metropolitan University
    Headingley Campus
    LS6 3QS
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    Brendan is an excellent coach I have been really impressed with his approach and results of his training in my team.

    He is a fantastic guy with a brilliant work ethic, un like some PT's even if you runover your time slot .... you ain't going until the jobs done

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    Thanks Spenna you have seen the best and the worst i think (hellday springs to mind!)! No thanks for the comments appreciate it.

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    Looks good mate, I'm in Leeds and I'll be there

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