At UCC 3: 'Night Breed' in Blackpool, Lloyd Giles (0-1) stepped up to fight Mario Sukata (11-5), ultimately falling short in the first session via guillotine choke. The Nottingham man was understandably disappointed with the outcome, but still retains his ambition and is sure he can go far in MMA.

A snippet:

"I was a bit disappointed with the outcome," admitted Lloyd. "I think it was a case of him not wanting to stand with me, and his experience on the ground showing that my ground game is second to my stand up. It obviously comes instinctively to him with how long he's done Jiu Jitsu.

"I've probably watched the video back about 70 times now as well as speaking to both my coaches after the fight, and everything that happened in the fight went according to plan; it was just very simple things that are dead easy to correct I need to work on. It's just a case of keeping drilling them, and regardless, against a less experienced opponent, it would have never ended the way it did."
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