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Thread: MMA Referee & Judges Seminar by Marc Goddard.

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    Thanks very much to all who have contacted so far.
    if you think its easy stop now

    no one achieved anything by doing nothing

    never argue with a fool

    if fighting is a pursuit rooted in pain, you will find the best teachers have often absorbed the most punishment themselves......and remained standing

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    If I have the day off I'm def in!

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    I'm definitely in for this.
    Great idea Marc and will be of benefit to many.
    REFEREE with MMA Officials

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    Quote Originally Posted by MMAlien View Post
    If I have the day off I'm def in!
    Just have the day off sick...........again.
    REFEREE with MMA Officials

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    am off on the sunday and shall be in attendance! awesome and unique oppourtunity!....and free tea! there better be some scones too! or prawn sandwhiches
    I don't believe in belts. There should be no ranking system for toughness.

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    Id like to see this come a bit further south also Marc good work.
    Rich Austin

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    I'm in for this. Totally worth the drive to Birmingham and I'm sure it will sell out.

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    Going to have to try get down for this, would love to understand the sport more and from different angles!

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    Well personally I'm gutted as having employed Mr Goddard on many occasions we, formerly of Ultimate Force, don't even get asked to give a reference.
    So even if he asks me now I won't. I'll never tell anyone how professional he is, how punctual he is, his knowledge of the game, or the fact that he was a pretty good mma competitor himself which adds to his refereeing ability.
    Nope he can #uck off,

    Ps. Do old friends get any % discount

    Paul Murphy
    OMMAC referee (if Marc & Leon aren't available)
    Cagewarriors referee (if everyone as fallen out with each other)
    Ultimate Force referee (if the show was still going)
    British Cage Fighting referee (show is too small for Marc, Leon & Neil)

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