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    Default PC Help... graphics card fault?

    On Tuesday night I was streaming Top Gear off iPlayer on full screen when my PC crashed, distorting the image and the audio sounding like a scratched CD where it jumps and repeats itself.

    I couldn't do anything like open Task Manager or anything so I resetted the computer by holding down the power button then left it for a minute but when I switched it back on, it booted up to the log in screen, loaded half the page and froze again.

    I unplugged the power cable, left it a few minutes then retried but this time nothing happened. The power light came on, the wireless key (plugged into a USB port) lit up but nothing. No fan noise, beeps or any of the normal sounds you hear when your computer boots up. Just the lights. So again, unplugged it and left it until the next morning and still nothing.

    So now I call upon the people of Rohan... erm, I mean Cagewarriors... does this sound like a graphics card fault? My PC is 2 years old from brand new and I know of PCs where if there are hardware faults, the PC stops running altogether to avoid any further faults.

    If it was the hard drive, it would still boot up right? Then tell me that there is a hard drive error? There is power going through the motherboard and lighting up the power button and wireless key so it cant be that.

    Specs *copied and pasted*:
    Packard Bell iXtreme X8530 Q6600
    Intel Core 2 Quad 2.40GHz
    3GB RAM, 720GB
    HDD 7200 SATA
    15 in 1 Card Reader
    Dual Layer DVD+-RW
    NVIDIA® GeForce® 8600GS 512MB
    LAN 10/100
    Vista Home Premium
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