Hello again guys, As some of you know I am now designing and printing custom designed walkout t-shirts, hoods, shorts, caps etc, I hope you are all happy with the designs so far.

I am now looking at doing a sort of trade stand at mma shows, If your'e interested could you let me know please,

I aim to bring approx 10-15 different designs and trade from a stand at shows, I am also able to take orders etc if I dont have what your looking for,
so if anyone has shows coming up and you would be interested in letting me sell my designs please let me know.

For any of you that dont know me, I can custom design your club clothing for very good prices and quality, from t-shirts, hoodies, vests, caps, rashguards etc, I am also printing gloves, mitts and shorts, so if you would like me to either supply your gym or do custom designed walkout t-shirts or hoodies etc then please let me know.

Thanks again guys for all your support.