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Thread: Club Directory - Free marketing from Your MMA

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    Quote Originally Posted by Freedman View Post
    Jay seems a really great guy to work with. Ive had people enquiring due to the club directory already. It even shows up higher in a google search than my club website seems a good oppotunity for any club for a bit of free publicity, surprised more don't do it. Cheers Jay.
    Thanks mate.

    Yeah, these are ranking quite highly on google so if people are searching for local MMA/BJJ and martial arts clubs etc. then it's well worth signing up.

    A few more have come through and I'll attend to them all this morning.


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    Few more dripping in here and there, like Hull's Vulcan Centre:

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    This is still running and we're still getting entries. Make sure your club is on the list, and also check out if you have a current listing that needs updating.

    SSJ MMA Dojo:

    Sunderland Fight Pit:

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    Another club added to the directory - Ivan Maciel BJJ Academy in Brighton, East Sussex:

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    Very nice Jay - I need to do a decent update for my club (though we are already listed).
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    very cool , doing a great job as usual
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    Thanks for the support guys.

    Aspinall BJJ updated:

    Teaching at locations across the NW, including Team Kaobon and Bolton Olympic Wrestling Club.

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    TTT - still live. Add your club or check your current listing for updates!

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    What do I need to do to put gym01 on then Jay?
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