Yeh went to a non gi comp the other day normally I dont grapple much, I just stick to my wing chun as I dont like to do that pointless rolling around on the floor, so I roll in with my bitches this one rachel said she d massage me to help me warm up but she was a 9/10 and obviously I only pork 10s.. im their with the girls and Big Dave, who was too big to fit in the door so he had to go in thru fire exit, I strut in, in my usual tapout wifebeater with tapout shorts and tapout hat, we pulled up in Big Daves 4x4 with its beautiful shiney metallic black and pagent Tapout sticker in the back, many a whore has coughed on our exaust fumes after we boned them and left them, with only tapout stuck to the back window to reid..

So anyways theirs all these idiots around warming up and doing some of grappling drills, I just performed sticking hands with my Big Dave as haters mired me from a distance.. my division was 80 kg, So my name calls Yo Sebastian you on dawg.. I wack my Tapout gumshield in and it begins...! He shoots in to do some stupid wrestlers take down, I immediatly use a tai chi crane block and use wing chun hand traps on him, I trap his hands constantly until he tapped out with thrustration and easy first match..

2nd match. This guy was Judo black belt, so he tried one of those pussy throws on me thinking he Karo parisyan I went into Chi Sou with him or (wing chun sticking hands) his Judo was useless I did a few parrys and threw him to the ground, I then locked on a headlock unable to escape he was forced to tap...

Ok so it was the finals and I was up against a black belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu so his ground game was probs gonna be not too bad, I went into my wing chun stance he shoots in and flips himself and wraps his legs around me in a so called... full guard... I put my hands to the matt and do a somersault over him while going LALALALALAL like Xena warrior princess, his plan had holes in them... I then locked on a clock choke with his neck spread muscles and managed to lock the choke on, his Jiu jitsu was good but mixed with my wing chun grip and my month experience he was f****d he tapped and I was the victor.

after the match im having a cigar outside and the brazilian jiujitsu guy comes up to me asking for me to help him train to fight in the UFC, I toked back on my Cigar deeply, blew it in his face and said sorry im a wing chun fighter, I then hopped in the 4x4 and sped off, with him left coughing on my exaust fumes only seeing the words tapout drift off into the distance.. Was a great experience, if anyone knows any more non gi comps coming up please message me.