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Thread: First Aid Courses?

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    Default First Aid Courses?

    Probably the wrong forum but can any of the instructors here recommend a good first aid course provider in Loindon? (doesn't need to be geared towards sports)

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    The best one would be with someone like St Johns. My sister did a course with them years ago. It was something like 16 weeks, going one evening a week. You'll actually have real skills at the end of it. I've done several 1st aid courses through work and they are so condensed, that I don't have confidence in my ability- even though I've passed all of them first time.

    If you really just want the basics, a one day course will give you just about enough to get by. You'd also want to buy a first aid book, to suppliment your training.

    Whatever course you do, keep a first aid kit in your home and car, so that you will actually be able to help, should the need arise.

    Good luck, Nick.

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    BTW, my sister saved 3 people's lives with her training- all before she was 14.

    I attended a RTA and was not able to save the young girl who got hit. But I did help a guy at work who became unconscious and another chap who got his arm squashed in a car door regulator (you could see his tendons move when he opened and closed his hands- a bit like in Terminator ).

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    Default First Aid

    Hi reference the first aid enquiry please find bellow the post that was put on EFN last month.
    I have trained a number of clubs in first aid including Simkin martial arts, Gracie Barra Birmingham and GB Milton keynes.
    I would have no problem in providing a course in London but i would need a minimum of 10 participants due to distance.
    I will honour the offer price of 35+VAT per candidate. References can be provided from other clubs regarding standard of course.
    if you need anymore information please do not hesitate to ask.
    Kind Regards


    In the current economic climate and with an ever growing number of clubs to train at, organisations need to run clubs in a professional manner. The safety of students needs to be paramount in all clubs aims. It is with this in mind i am offering First Aid Training to martial arts clubs at a special rate through my company . Courses can be tailored from 3 hours upwards and with a syllabus tailored for the martial arts industry including paediatric modules. We can provide courses outside of normal office hours to fit in with your timetable. In August we are offering the opportunity for the nationally accepted EFAW course accredited by the Health and Safety Executive. Delivered on your site for 35 per person +VAT (minimum of 6 participants). often clubs open up this course to there surrounding clubs in the area to increase course take up. This is an opportunity to have your clubs first aid provision sorted out for the 3 year period your certification is valid for.
    Costs include firstaid manual and certificate. the majority of our courses are provided in the Midlands but can travel nationally for small additional cost. If any clubs require additional information please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Best regards

    Safeaid Services.


    In responce to some comments regarding my post.
    First aid training for martial arts clubs has to be a basic requirement for a professional organisation especially when children's coaching takes place.
    It has nothing to do with the Health and Safety overkill that worries people in all professions.
    The reason i posted was to offer courses with a emphasis on martial arts i am a purple belt with Braulio and Black in Wado karate so i can tailor the courses so the syllabus reflects the problems your club could encounter on an average training night. The courses are relaxed and teach basic life skills that are real simple but can make all the difference if a problem arises in your club.
    Each governing body has guidance on safeguarding there students and a variety of training providers exist however costs vary greatly and is not always a sign of quality the more you pay.
    If i can help even just for advice feel free to contact me.

    Kind regards


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    We had Stuart down yesterday to give a first aid course for our instructors and it was very good. I would definitely recommend him.

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